Shape the Future of 3D Web: Join three.js Generator Beta

We are tired of three.js boiler plates that seldom work and are building our own three.js generator by training on code generated by us and contributors. Join the beta if you would like to help. 

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We are onboarding users everyday

Welcome to MESHCODEX: The 3D Code enabler

MESHCODEX is dedicated to three.js developers to help them develop code 30% faster. If you are a beginner, MESHCODEX has prepared custom datasets to help you build complex 3D experiences.
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Shape the future of 3D Web

Start your journey to build immersive experiences for games, websites, and much more

Game Scenes

Revolutionizing Games 5 min read

Use our in-house dataset to build custom logic and animations 

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The Power of 3D8 min read

MESHCODEX allows you to power any 3D web-based application using our proprietary database and tree-based algorithms 

Hyper-realistic experiences

Building Hyper-realistic experiences10 min read

Add realistic materials and lighting to build hyper-realistic experiences on the web

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Vast Environments on Web12 min read

Explore ways to create vast environments on web for game, XR, and website

Learn, Contribute, and Earn using MESHCODEX

Contribute your own code and earn each time the code is generated by the user and they pay for it. We are eager to hear your views. 

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Revolutionize 3D Web

We aim to bring together three.js developers with clients while allowing everyone to benefit from AI code generation. 

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Expanding the use cases for 3D Web

AI Code generator that helps you build, encrypt, and get paid everytime your code is used in a project.  

  • 3D Experiences

    Building large 3D experiences can be tricky. Our code builder allows you to start from a simple scene to large complex scenes

  • Education

    Be it visualising physics topics or showing simple concepts, three.js code builder allows you to build lessons that help students visualise concepts

  • Augmented Reality

    We all love immersive experiences. Three.js has made AR experiences possible through web-link. Build the code here and deploy AR everywhere

  • NoCodeDev

    Your source for all things nocode. Build, learn, enhance and master 

  • Games

    Web games are all the range. Build some components of games quickly through our code generator 

  • 3D Websites

    Three.js is a critical part of websites such as Spacex. They add a whole new dimension. Build the code here and integrate on any website

  • 3D Model Generation

    There are some standard shapes on three.js. However, you can build any 3D mesh using three.js code. 

  • Product Design

    Lot of companies provide custom products and allow users to create the custom product on the website by allowing them to change colors and materials.  

  • Product Prototyping

    Everyone wants to showcase product before manufacturing them to get user feedback. Use three.js to allow users to prototype products

  • Art Installation

    You can project art on any surface using three.js and hosting the link. Our ambition is to allow young developers and artists to create powerful visuals.  

  • Geospatial Applications

    Once you go 3D on web, there is no escape from three.js. Lot of map applications are built on three.js. 

  • Data Visualisations

    Who doesn't love data visualisation at a whole new level. 3D visualisations of data are all the rage. Create visualisations that capture the true magnitude of data

  • Virtual Reality

    Be it a small immersive experience to a large VR Game, we are trying to build a generator that can help you build it easily

  • 3D Model Viewer

    Real Estate, Furniture, and other sectors look to help their clients/ users visualise their products. This increases conversion on website. Help your clients build 3D model viewers on their website. 

  • Virtual Showrooms

    As people turn to shop virtually, the virtual showrooms help you visualise the shopping environment just like in irl. Help build large virtual showrooms for your clients. 

MESHCODEX Pricing Plans

Choose the plan that suits your project needs. Our free plan helps you get started quickly and our pro plans give you the power of our code datasets to do more complex programming.

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    Ideal for independent professionals, this plan offers access to all basic Three.js code writer and features needed to manage your work effectively.
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    Everything free plus: Turbocharge your three.js code Ideal for freelancers handling small-scale projects. Build complex 3D experiences and export to any XR platform. End-to-end encryption of your code The advanced model combined with our in-house three.js dataset
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    Everything Pro plus:Al chat agents personalized to your entire codebase. Al models can be fine-tuned to your codebase. Al models aware of your corporate standards and guidelines. Atlassian, Jira and Confluence integration to inform Al models

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further queries, feel free to reach out to us.

Make shippable code from start

Move beyond boilerplates and get the code that works with the latest three.js releases

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Improve Your Code on the Go

We have created custom chunks of three.js code for you to write bug free code. 

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All you need is prompt to get started

The more detailed the prompts are, the more likely you will have a more useful output. Check out our video below. 

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